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Virtual field trips

Outcrop-based analogs are an efficient tool for people working in seismic interpretation, in oil and gaz industry. In the field, several geological objects, that are under the scale of the resolution of seismic can be studied in details. Therefore, detailed analog studies on the field could provide important additional information, helping to interpret other areas with similar geological settings.


However, all the people working in seismic interpretation does not have the opportunity to move on the field, thus I offer to create virtual field trips in Google Earth using any geolocalized geological dataset, that may be improved by additional field work if needed. I use Google Earth as it is an easy and free tool that everybody can download on his computer. The user could travel inside Google Earth and discovers step by step geological maps, structural cross-sections, outcrop pictures and their interpretations, stratigraphic columns, facies pictures and their interpretations,bedding dip attitudes dataset, stereonet and rose diagrams for current directions (see examples in the video below). All the data can be organized in a comprehensive way starting with general view, including the geological map, the structural cross-sections and the stratigraphic columns, then the user can move to more detailed information with key-outcrops and facies pictures and interpretations.

Video made in Google earth using my Bakio dataset

This video is the same than the video in the Field trip webpage.

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